Welcome to our newest partners TITAHI - Food with Freedom

At Capital Produce we are all about local. We love Wellington and everything it has to offer.  We believe in this city and the people in it.  We are especially grateful to all the local businesses like us trying to promote exciting products. 

Which is why we are excited to announce that we will now be selling the delicious products from TITAHI - Food with Freedom.  We initially found these guys at local markets and now seek them out to keep our pantry stocked.  Our kids love their crackers more than potato chips.  


Below is a blurb all about TITAHI, but why not try them for yourselves?

"TITAHI takes its name from the beautiful Titahi Bay Beach where Anna Te Puni and her family make their home in a converted former tearooms overlooking the Beach and its iconic boat sheds. The Bay Drive site has been a popular place for good kai and company for many locals and visitors  over the years since first being built in 1951 as Rickards Tea and Cake Rooms. 
Anna’s vision is to give people the freedom to enjoy eating high quality food made without the usual additives such as refined sugars, gluten, dairy and unhealthy fats. As Anna sees it, people should have the freedom to eliminate the harmful stuff and not sacrifice the taste experience
All TITAHI products are Gluten-free, Cane-sugar free, dairy and egg-free, ‘and the last thing is it has to taste great or the other four don't matter’.
The original Grain Free muesli was conceived at home and produced as Christmas presents for family and local friends. Success with the beach crowds at the annual Titahi Bay Beach Festival led Anna to branch out into Market stalls . The range of Seed Crackers, Kumara Crunch Biscuits, Granolas, Mueslis,  and Low Carb Breads keeps Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Coeliac, and Diabetic customers buzzing, or anyone who loves the experience of a new angle on real food
The TITAHI team work with premium ingredients in small batches, with an old-school artisan approach to executing their original recipes. They love using ingredients Kumara, Oranges, Beetroot and Ginger, and are a living wage employer."

 TITAHI - Food with Freedom.